1. the recognition that without U.S. backing, Israel cannot continue its crimes against the Palestinians and violations of international law, and
  2. that the most direct path for Americans to change policy is at home, acting where they have the strongest political and economic power.



Audrey Hepburn and William Holden on the set of Sabrina, 1953 

I was determined to wipe Audrey out of my mind by screwing a woman in every country I visited. My plan succeeded, though sometimes with difficulty. When I was in Bangkok, I was with a Thai girl in a boat in one of the klongs. I guess we got too animated, because the boat tipped over and I fell into the filthy water. Back at the hotel I poured alcohol in my ears because I was afraid I’d become infected with the plague. When I got back to Hollywood, I went to Audrey’s dressing-room and told her what I had done. You know what she said? “Oh, Bill!” That’s all. “Oh, Bill!”. Just as though I were some naughty boy. She was the love of my life. - William Holden.